January 16, 2010

A Camel's Freedom of Speech

God can (will) bring healing from pain, good from evil and justice from injustice. It is a tragedy but I firmly believe that out of tragedy great opportunity is often available.

Said by me in a discussion on my facebook status (wants to know what Pat Robertson did that has everyone flipping out. *head shake*) a few days ago. It's a motto that I try to live by whether it be my personal lemons or a national tragedy I do believe that God can bring the good out of any situation. He's not exactly a half-empty kinda guy. Anyways, that's beside my point. Here's the facebook convo (yes, names protected)


he said that Haiti brought the earthquake upon themselves by making a pact with the devil.

Protagonist (aka. me):

I'm sure it wasn't worded that way... interesting


no it was more or less, youtube it. I saw the clip like 10 times this morning


My mom just told me what he said, there was a lot more to it than a pact with the devil. *shrugs*


IMO, it doesnt matter what he said afterward he still said essentially b/c of their pact with the devil, they are a cursed country. The man needs a filter


Basically what he says is that after the French Revolution the Haitian's used the occult to get rid of the French in their country. He never directly says they are suffering the consequences of their "pact with the devil". He asks for a blessing over the Haitians that they will turn back to God. I can't state an opinion since I haven't researched Haiti and it's religions but I don't think Pat Roberston deserves to be mauled for his beliefs. It's called Freedom of Speech people. And whoever said (not one of you but the video I watched) that Pat Robertson is using the money for his own organization is so full of it, it disgusts me. I'd like proof of that slander please.


"ever since (the pact with the devil to remove the french) they have been cursed..." when hearing that, its essentially the same thing as saying they are suffering consequences of the pact. Hence why the media and the country is in an uproar over his comments.


I didn't take his comment that way.

*shrugs* it's whatever floats your boat I guess. All I'm saying is that I would like to see a little more equality so to speak. I know of many politicians or people in the spotlight that would NEVER be attacked for saying something to that affect.

It all depends on your belief system. To a non-christian/atheist/agnostic/Buddhist etc; it would be considered offensive that one would be judged for their actions against a Sovereign God. For those who are part of a faith that believes in one God (or many Gods? I haven't considered this aspect of it) who submits to a "Greater Source of Wisdom" it is not far fetched to believe that there are judgments to be had when one chooses between good and evil.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


I think anyone who would say something like that about a country in crisis would be attacked, regardless of belief system.

Protagonist the Second:
Ok seriously, I think his comments are uninformed, but not altogether so out there considering religion as a whole. Certain, I won't say fanatical, but exceedingly devout members of almost all religions want to divide everything into an "us" and a "them". The "us" is following the true way, the way to salvation, and the "them" is following evil. Some religions then see the "them" to be destroyed, others to "teach" them the correct way. From that stand point, his view is not altogether that shocking. There were extremist Muslims thinking the same thing about us for September 11th.

I don't think he thinks his statements are an attack on the Haitian people. I think he believes that this is a crisis, but an opportunity to help the people come to God. I do not agree with his statement, and I feel that it is naive, but I do not feel that it was meant to be an attack. 

And I have to agree with Emily that not everyone would be attacked for statements that were seemed against a country in crisis. I think at the moment, such Christianity is deemed very unpopular by the American majority and by most other countries, so his statements are MUCH more likely to be attacked. Statements of the same magnitude could be made by other groups and get away with much less negative attention. It's all about sensationalism.

This is why I think Pat's statements were altogether naive, but not necessarily malicious: Yahoo News Link


Emily, that woman bugs the hell out of me every time I watch that show. She needs to lay off of the uppers. I couldn't say it better myself, so I won't even try. Sensationalism is the best word to describe this whole mess. And that was a great article too. I think the point that needs to be made on my part, is that God can (will) bring healing from pain, good from evil and justice from injustice. It is a tragedy but I firmly believe that out of tragedy great opportunity is often available.


 The more I wrote the more passionate I got. I wasn't angry. I wasn't upset. I was just back into my debating apologetics mode, and let me tell you IT FELT GOOD.  I stood by my morals, my opinions and my passion. I'm sure I have now been written off as an extremist. But I honestly don't care. Why? Because I realized something. I am extremely passionate about the Bill of Rights, specifically the First Amendment. At that moment I knew immediately what I needed to write my Admissions Essay for Regent on. I started writing and in less than 15 minutes I wrote a kick ass essay, something that has taken me 5 months to even try to outline! Within the half-hour I had proofread it and sent it off. It may not be my best work, but it is something I'm very passionate about. And my hope for this essay was for my heart and my desire to learn to show through. So here it is folks!

I chose to apply to Regent University not only because of its high academic standards, but must importantly because of its’ motto. A motto that I have lived by for all of my life and aspire to follow in greater ways throughout the rest of my life. “Christian Leadership to Change the World.” This phrase excites my heart as I consider all that I can learn to accomplish through Regent.

As I have been interested in Politics since I was young, I have seen the great need for Christian Leadership, in my local state and federal government. I have a great desire for the world to be changed for Christ’s Kingdom, and I have come to understand not only can a straw break a camel’s back but it can also lend support and bolster the camel into new heights. Our world will not be changed by one strong individual but when one individual spreads Christ’s love to another and that person to another we have then sparked a change. This is the change I wish to see not only in my personal life but in our government. As I consider all that I have seen Regent’s graduates accomplish I cannot help but feel that Regent University can offer me all that I need to reach this personal goal of spreading the Good News into my government.

In my Graduation Speech I spoke on this same manner. Gaining inspiration from my work in the Montana State Legislature as a personal intern and the Word of God I came to realize all that we have of lasting value in this world is the legacy of our words. The constitutional right of  freedom of speech is a gift that we have all taken for granted, therefore my second goal is to defend this liberty. What path that goal will take I do not know at this time, however I strongly believe that Regent University will equip me to fight for our God inspired Constitution to remain in its rightful place.

I am thankful for the chance to attend a university such as Regent that has the same goals in mind as I do. To help mold, shape and form a citizen to change the world. I firmly believe that as Paul said in Acts 4:20 “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” we must continue to testify of  the blessings we have received and Regent University is just the school to give me the courage and the wisdom to do so in God’s honor.

So here's my challenge for the day. Stand by your passions. You might be surprise to find out something about yourself that you never knew.

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