December 11, 2009

Reaching Across the Dimensions

I believe there are different dimensions to this world of ours. I don't know the scientific reasoning . Whether it be quantom physics or a dream in my heart. Whatever it is I don't find it farfetched to think that there could be other beings, other people in this room with me.  Living their own lives in their own time. If only I could learn the secret, the bridge between this dimension and yours.If I reach out are you right here next to me? In a different dimension? In a different space in time? Are you as real as the air I breathe? Or are you more akin to the air I forget to breathe? If I were to reach towards you at the same moment you reached for me could our fingertips meet? Would you finally be with me?

What is farfetched about this is not the possibility but the probability.

I'm wishing for you on every snowflake I see. I know I need you now. Do I need you enough for those wishes to be fulfilled? I know not. This I do know, I can now name this ache in my heart. It is the yearning for you and for all you are to me already. I don't know you, at least not in this worlds definition of know. But I do know that our hearts are equal in passion both for life and already for each other. As surely as I believe that my soul told me so, so I do believe in the prophecy's I've heard about you. I know you are a gentle broken soul. A healer just as I am. That you are my equal in more than passion but also in the age of our souls. That is the first dimension to our possibilities.How many dimensions do we have? A third? A fourth? I'm content with the first, but hungry for more depth.

Reach out for me now as I am for you. Perhaps we will touch each others fingertips and perhaps a swift feel of each others' heart. I have always known it will be over from there. The end of life as we know it. Dimensions will collide. Time will stand still. We will no longer be alone fighting the screaming silence. We will be together. Not to late. Not a moment to soon. Fate.
The beginning of our end. The end of our beginning.

That knowing I had has scared me for years. I still cannot put a finger on the reasoning for my fear. Fear of the known I suppose. I have looked for you behind every corner and underneath every street light. Any stranger could be you. My beginning and my end. I know you will come, sometime in this lifetime. I let go of that knowing in this eternal year. I had lost my hope in you and our love. I'm sorry for that. I'm trying to grasp onto that hope again, but daily life seems to be grabbing my fingers away. A test of strength and will? Perhaps, if so I'll hold on even with just one finger until the end of time. If only to get a glimpse of you, the one I dream of nightly.

So reach out. Touch my fingertips. Bridge the dimensions between us. Be here now. For I need you now. Am I asking for a life without pain or worry? No. All I ask for is that when you reach out your hand that we walk together from here on out.. Am I asking you to run, leap and then fly? All I ask is for that first step. Just reach out to me now. Love, real and true love is like hope. To hope is to illuminate a darkened soul. To love is to accept that darkened soul and to make it better. Fear has no place in that. Years ago I referred to a hero as a person not without fear, but one who was afraid and went to battle anyways. Be my hero.

So help me to put down this broken mirror of lies and deceit. Take it out of my hand and replace it with yours. The looking glass into our Wonderland.

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