December 7, 2009

Through the Looking Glass, and Jabberwocky Considering that Journey

What if this isn't all just Jabberwocky? What if Lewis Carrol wasn't just a stoner who "wrote under the influence"? What if there really is a whole new world through the Looking Glass? And what if we are each a form of Alice? Someone lost in a world that defies imagination.

It is of no surprise to me that Alice in Wonderland still captivates my mind. I will defend it and Lewis Carrol till the death...or until the Cheshire Cat appears around the next corner. My secret aspiration is for my writing to someday equal that of Lewis Carrol. A stoner or a verbose genius. I guess your opinion is your own. However, you cannot deny that the world he created through his words, is magical. Magical in a frightening way. Was there ever a time that Alice was not confused or frightened? No. Not so terribly different from the "real world". Though some days I look around and wonder if this is all real or not. Perhaps I came through the Looking Glass and just can't remember the world from whence I came. This hypothesis seems stunningly plausible at the moment. Especially when I consider portions of an unposted blog.

"This all depends on perspective. I look through this great stained glass window. Everyone sees life differently. Everyone sees right and wrong as black and white, shades of gray, or as a rainbow of details. Good and evil reign in each man's heart. Which side you build up is only a choice of your own heart. You can fight against your demons or welcome their lies.


"I look through this great stained glass window. I can see a vibrancy of color as I gaze out on the street. The person next to me sees a world only of grey. Are they colorblind? Or are their eyes open to the truth?"


"I long for depth and beauty. You long for comfort. Is either wrong? I'll find my depth and beauty and you will find your comfort. Do either of us live lies? I'll go on and you will stay. Are either of us missing out? My answer is no. We may both be living our lives to the fullest extent allotted to us. We may both be experiencing it all."


The more I wonder the less I know; which means the less I know the more I know. Just as in Alice and Wonderland. Alice overthought each new experience she came upon, and realized she didn't know quite as much about the world, real or imaginary, as she thought she did. When that finally sank in her entire world changed. (No pun intended) Now I don't know how long I would last in a horror movie. I don't know how soon I could "get the guy" in a romance comedy. And I don't know if I could out karate chop Jackie Chan (well... ok I do know that one). This I do know I'd love the chance to live in a number of the worlds I have read about. A sometimes wise friend said

"books are always better than the movies… what they can put on film can never match your imagination"

I firmly believe this. The worlds of Narnia, Middle Earth and Wonderland of my imagination simply can't compare with the worlds the movies have made them into. A box if you will. It's not that they did a bad job; but it was the writers Narnia, the set designers Middle Earth, the directors Wonderland. It wasn't mine. Call me selfish, I won't deny it. I probably am on this matter. Yes I would love to be Lucy, Arwen or Alice. I wouldn't make the mistakes they made, instead I would make an all new set of my own. And that fact is so strangely comforting. I would have the freedom to make mistakes, not without consequence, no I'm not that jaded. Don't you see they would be MY mistakes. My very own. All mine. For the first time in life I wouldn't be a combination of everyone I have ever known. No I would be me, all mistake making failure me. For the first time in years I think I can be ok with not being perfect. Strange the lessons a simply complex book can teach.

Perhaps I am more off the wall than I thought. My "bucket list" doesn't consist of bungee jumping or heli-skiing (ok yea that one is on there). But of experiencing the thing's I have only read about. The following is a short excerpt of it:

Middle Earth (all three books!)
The Last Unicorn
Silver Blaze
Jane Eyre
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Spindles End
The Blue Sword
Betsy Tacy and Tibb
The Scarlet Pimpernel

How I plan to experience all of this I haven't the faintest idea. Mark my words, I will. Somehow, someday I will ride a charger through Camelot, solve a mystery alongside Sherlock Holmes and tumble through the Looking Glass... if only in my dreams.

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